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The future’s bright, the future’s golden

Admin, June 1, 2018

The future’s bright, in fact for Motherwell-based brewer Beehive Brae, the future’s golden.

Not only has the ethical craft brewer’s signature Blonde Honey Beer been flying off the shelves in 67 Aldi stores across Scotland as part of the major multiple’s Summer Beer Festival; but it has also made the finals of two prestigious beer awards.

“It’s been an amazing summer for Beehive Brae, firstly with the reception we’ve received in Aldi, where our honey beer has flown off the shelves. Some stores even sold out 24-hours. And, being recognised among our peers with these two prestigious craft beer nominations is amazing. Having started as a crowdfunding project just two years ago, we have been on a fantastic journey.”

Beehive Brae’s Blonde Honey Beer has been nominated in the finals of the Scottish Beer Awards, which not only pits the ethical ale against other craft brewers, but also against some of the giants within the industry. While making the finals of the Great British Food awards will see Beehive Brae match up against the best craft brewers in Britain.

Three Crowns, One Queen


One of West Sussex’ leading public houses is building a bigger buzz around its sustainability credentials by adopting a new beehive.

The Three Crowns will work with local beekeeper Brett Adshead and the Plan Bee Ltd team to manage up to 60,000 honeybees in their renowned kitchen garden.

Gavin Roy, General Manager of the Three Crowns said:

“The sustainability and provenance of our ingredients is of the utmost importance to us, and you can’t get much more local than honey from the bottom of your garden. We realise that honeybees have been in rapid decline in recent decades and wanted to play our part in their preservation. Brett is a local beekeeper with many years’ experience, and he lives right on our doorstep.

“For us it makes perfect sense, Brett is on hand to look after the bees and we get our own supply of honey to use alongside other seasonal vegetables from our kitchen garden. We’re looking forward to the project and it is already starting to build a buzz among our regulars.”

Plan Bee is one of the UK’s leading sustainability companies and as part of a recent expansion opened a second base in West Sussex, installing more than 50 beehives. The company already works in beehive management partnerships with some of the biggest businesses in the UK including Kellogg’s, L’Oreal and Highland Spring. And, with a number of companies across the hospitality sector.

“Plan Bee is more than a business, we are a movement, joining forces with like-minded companies to deliver a proactive sustainability agenda. The Three Crown’s commitment is to be welcomed, and we would ask other businesses across West Sussex to equally play their part and support the efforts of this business and a growing number of environmentally-minded companies across the county to preserve honey bees, and play a part in protecting the planet we all share.”