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Plan Bee offers beehive adoption, management & educational services. We craft a range of innovative honey, honeygar, beer, mead and bee by-product ranges.

As an ethical, sustainable eco-innovation business we provide a solution for organisations to enhance their sustainable responsibilities through our fully managed beehive service. We are able to help companies improve their green credentials, actively showing their commitment to the environment and local communities. Plan Bee can create outward facing projects surrounding the importance of the honey bee in the UK to enhance your community engagement.

Our current client list boasts a variety of high profile household names including Highland Spring and construction giants Balfour Beatty along with businesses in the hospitality and leisure industries. We do not discriminate when it comes to a target market, our aim is simply to partner with companies who have a similar ethos to our own – People, Planet and Profit.

Plan Bee adds value to your company:

From our beehives, we produce premium grade bespoke honey from quintessential locations around Scotland. The important differentiator from our competitors is that our honey is cold extracted, minimally filtered and unpasteurized which is sustainable in its production and inherently proud of its origin. We also sell products of the hive including pollen, propolis and honeycomb.

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