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Big Buzz About New Beer

Admin, November 10, 2015

IMG_2839The UK’s bars are buzzing with news of the latest British beer and its refreshing environmental credentials.

Beehive Brae™ Honey Beer incorporates one of the hottest trends in the alcohol industry with a staggering sustainability pedigree that makes it one of the most environmentally aware products in the market.

“Beehive Brae Honey Beer  is helping to preserve dwindling honeybee populations across the UK. Bottling the beer is the fruition of a long road, and we’re delighted to finally see our unique, artisan blonde adorning fridge shelves across the country.”

The creation of Beehive Brae™ Honey Beer and its stablemate mead were only made possible following a crowdfunding project in 2014. Plan Bee was 175% overfunded, and from that investment developed the multi-award-winning Origin Honey™ brand and Beehive Brae™ products.

“Generation Bee is the up and coming age, where socially and environmentally conscious shoppers are voting with their wallets and spending their money ethically. We believe this extends to how they want their beer. Beehive Brae is sustainable from the outset and enthusiasts can drink responsibly in the knowledge that their purchase uses purely British honey, and is playing an important part in protecting the environment”.

Latest research also suggests honey is a growing trend, and has in recent years proven strong, with sales of drinks containing ‘honey’ in the description increasing by 29% and in cocktails by 60%. This artisan, blonde ale is surprisingly smoother than people may at first imagine, with a subtle honey taste coming through.

Plan Bee Chair, Mark McDavid is a 30-year veteran of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market and was impressed by the honey beer’s credentials:

“Beehive Brae makes not only a refreshing change from the myraid of craft beers currently flooding the market, but it is markedly different in flavour, provenance and its environmental credentials. Our honey beer derives from British honey, farmed from our partnered hives across the UK. Never before have I seen a product with such a strong sense of sustainability or ethics. Craft beer enthusiasts can responsibly drink Beehive Brae honey beer in the knowledge that their purchase is doing something positive for the environment.”