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Black & Yellow Friday

Admin, November 23, 2016

This year we’re shunning Black Friday as part of what’s becoming a global phenomenon with like-minded companies such as REI in the US and their #OptOut campaign.

Plan Bee is first and foremost a sustainability business, an eco-innovator and the driving force behind a movement to protect and preserve dwindling honeybee populations across Scotland, the UK and beyond.

By hijacking Black Friday and ‘painting the town’ Black and Yellow we’re suggesting you join us in deserting the high street and heading for the hills…or indeed the park or garden; nailing your colours (of the bees, naturally) to the mast.



Seize back the day that’s been commandeered by consumption, spending and the horror stories of mass produce at mass discounts causing mass riots.

By opting out, or opting to #beefree you have the chance to fill your boots with the longest running sale with the lowest price possible but with the biggest consequences if it ever goes out of stock – nature.


However you opt to #beefree this Friday let us know about it by tagging us.

Sweet sustainability for Abel & Cole

Admin, June 20, 2016
Abel & Cole's Dr Good Vibes, Claudia Ruane and Plan Bee Ltd's Brett Adshead

Abel & Cole’s Dr Good Vibes, Claudia Ruane and Plan Bee Ltd’s Brett Adshead

Abel & Cole is extending its ethical food adventure by joining us in an exciting new beehive management partnership.

The company will house three beehives at their headquarters in Wimbledon, supporting urban beekeeping and helping to protect dwindling honeybee numbers.

Claudia Ruane, Abel & Cole’s Dr Good Vibes said:

“Organic farming plays such a phenomenally crucial role in protecting biodiversity and, whilst we may not be farmers ourselves, we can still play a positive part in sustainable food systems. By offering a home to honeybees in our little bit of south west London, we can help educate each other and everyone in the Abel & Cole community of the important role they, and other pollinators play.

“Bees are crucial for biodiversity; they are responsible for pollinating a third of the food that we eat. Since 2010 we’ve run a few projects to raise awareness with customers about the decline in pollinator populations, and having bees move in here is the next really exciting step. We’re also looking to create pollinator palaces at each of our eight depots to make sure all Abel & Colers have the chance to do their bit to help solitary bees, bumblebees and other bugs thrive.”

The organic home delivery service was founded 28 years ago with the intent of doing good by supporting ethical food producers, whilst having fun. Like Abel & Cole, Plan Bee shares that ethos, working with businesses that not only care about good food, but also truly care about the environment.

Cooking with gas

Admin, June 17, 2016

IMG_4163The Plan Bee team’s cooking with gas this weekend as they play a part in bringing the buzz to the SGN family day.

The companies already work together on a successful Legacy project at Alloa’s Lornshill Academy, where a 5-year sustainability programme kicked-off earlier this year.

The weekend event will see Plan Bee deliver their unique brand of environmental entertainment with face-painting, seedbomb making, beehive painting and fun-filled

As one of the UK’s leading sustainability companies, Plan Bee has developed a successful community engagement service which is highly sought after by businesses, large and small across the UK.

Industry leaders welcome new labels

Admin, June 7, 2016

Origin New LabelPlan Bee’s new Origin Honey labels are receiving wide acclaim across the food and drink industry.

Last year the Origin brand picked up a total of three Great Taste Award gold stars; two for its Scottish Heather Honey and one for its British Blossom Honey. This led organisers the Guild of Fine Food
to call Plan Bee an ‘elite UK producer’.

Tortie Farrand, Marketing Director for the Guild said:

“It is wonderful to see Great Taste award-winning producer Plan Bee launching their beautiful new labels, a design which matches the quality of what is inside their jars. The honey is bound to fly off the shelves this summer!’

The Origin Honey brand carries a wide variety of honeys from Scottish Heather Honey to British Blossom Honey, Glengoyne Single Malt Whisky Honey and an exciting Infusions range which features Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla, Keralan Cinnamon and Italian Truffle Honey.

Mark McDavid, Plan Bee chairman, an FMCG big-hitter with some thirty years’ experience across the industry. He concluded:

“Already our honey is being enjoyed around the world, from Europe to Asia. We want to not only promote our own brand internationally, but also the quality of Scottish produce. We believe that the key elements of what makes Scottish food, and in particular what makes Scottish honey great is encapsulated into our new label. It is clear, and allows the product to speak for itself, which all good produce should. I’m delighted with the outcome and know that buyers, distributors and customers around the world will also be delighted with this eye-catching product.”

Plan Bee come close with Queen’s Award

Admin, May 18, 2016

queens_award_logoIt’s been a time of celebration and mild disappointment in the last few weeks.

While we have been receiving praise from a number of new partnerships (more to follow), we also received news that we had been unsuccessful in our bid for a much-coveted Queen’s Award.

We were greatly pleased to have been nominated for this prestigious accolade, which is awarded for outstanding achievement by UK businesses.

There’s always next year!

Top of the Pops

Buzz, December 23, 2015

BEEHIVE BRAE BOTTLES 1 smlThe List magazine has singled out Plan Bee’s Beehive Brae Honey Beer as one of its leading products during Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink 2015.

The Motherwell-based craft brewer is now producing two varieties of the Honey Beer in original blonde and new RED, both created for the Betterment of Bees. The List also nods towards Beehive Brae’s Elderflower and Rose Mead.

Beehive Brae Honey Beer is produced with honey from Plan Bee’s sustainably managed hives. The company works in partnership with some of the largest businesses in the UK to give them extra environmental clout. Sales of the beer help to support dwindling honeybee populations which have decreased by more than 50% in the last two decades alone.

The honey beer was only made possible following Plan Bee’s initial crowdfunding project in 2014, in which the young company was 175% successful, raising over £100,000 to help bring eco-innovative new products to market.

No Bees, No Christmas

Buzz, December 10, 2015

ChristmasBeeTableLandscape web

We’re all rushing about like busy bees preparing for Christmas. But without those busy bees there wouldn’t be a Christmas as we know it, and certainly our Christmas Dinner would be pretty grim.

Many of the yuletide staples and trimmings that we have come to expect as part of the great Christmas feed would cease to exist if it wasn’t for the humble little honeybee and its friends. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating a third of the food that we eat. And without them, your big family feast would be greatly depleted.

The team have extensively promoted the extent to which our dinner tables, fridges and supermarket shelves would be effected without this tiny little creature.

University of Reading research found that honeybee populations had declined by around 50% in the last two decades through climate change, poor pesticide management and man’s negative impact on the environment. University of Bristol research has also found that honeybees and their pollinator friends are responsible for 80% of all plant species in Europe including both fruits and vegetables.

Plan Bee works with businesses big and small, from family-run companies to global brands to install and manage beehives. Working with dozens of companies, they’ve helped to preserve and protect more than 10-million honeybees in over 200 hives stretching from Aberdeen to Cornwall.

The eco-innovation business has attracted a number of new ‘partnerships’ in 2015 including Kellogg’s, L’Oreal, Low Carbon and British Gas, as more and more companies realise the importance of protecting honeybees and extending their sustainability reach. With one colony of honeybees capable of pollinating 4000m2 of fruit trees, Plan Bee’s partnership colonies could pollinate an area of agricultural land more than 110 times the size of Wembley.

Mark McDavid, Plan Bee Chair and experienced FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Managing Director added:

“Plan Bee is about helping people to realise the importance of these tiny creatures in protecting the delicate balance of our ecosystem. They play a huge part in the UK’s £96Bn food industry and its time that across the sector we all supported them more. Just looking at our Christmas dining table both with and without bees should be enough to spur us all into action. This is the most precious meal of the year, but it has a much wider reflection that hits home the impact we are having on these tiny creatures and our wider environment.”


Bee Biz Gets High-Tech Buzz

Buzz, December 7, 2015

Low Carbon web1Leading sustainability business Plan Bee Ltd is going high tech in its mission to save endangered honeybees.

With honeybee populations virtually across Europe having been decimated in the last two decades alone, UK beehive management business Plan Bee Ltd is turning to technology in a bid to gather greater evidence.

The eco-innovator is working together with renewable energy partner Low Carbon to install unique monitoring systems that not only measure hive temperatures and humidity, but also hive acoustics.

As well as the effects of climate change, poor pesticide management and man’s impact on the environment, honeybee colonies are also being hit with ‘hive rustling’, where commercial hives are stolen from farms and sold on for their valuable contents. Monitoring can also help to track any such stolen hives.

The data monitors not only collect information on conditions within the hive, but also map the daily flight information, fanning activity and access the efficiency within the collection and processing of the colony’s nectar.

Most importantly, the system studies the major influence played by the external environment on various colonies. The initial instrumentation will be hosted at Low Carbon solar parks across the south of England, from Cornwall and Dorset to Suffolk.

Quentin Scott, Low Carbon’s Marketing Director added:

“Our solar parks, as well as providing a source of clean, renewable energy, can also provide a safe, biodiverse home for honeybees. Already they offer a protected habitat to a number of species. We welcome the development of this innovative monitoring technology and we’re only too happy to assist Plan Bee in their pioneering efforts, particularly if it helps to safeguard bees now and for the future.”

Hive monitoring can provide the greatest reliability and consistency in environmental monitoring. All data collected is time-stamped to the second, and isn’t reliant on manual operation. Locating on relatively isolated solar parks, adjacently located to agricultural land provides a unique location to monitor impacts away from man-made influences. It could also provide valuable information for farmers.

Beer biz launches Christmas Kickstarter

Buzz, December 4, 2015

Kickstarter ImageBeehive Brae is a brand new British honey beer produced for the Betterment of Bees.

We use only the finest British honey from our sustainably managed, ethical beehives, in fact, we have already helped to protect and preserve 10 million honeybees.

That’s why we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to not only promote the issues around dwindling honeybee numbers, but also to raise vital funding to protect and restore millions more valuable bees to the environment.

Beehive Brae is urging everyone with even an inkling of interest in the environment to support the spirit of Christmas future:

“Can you imagine what Christmas might look like without the valuable little honeybee? They’re responsible for pollinating a third of the food that we eat. Around the Christmas dinner table that would mean no cranberry sauce for your turkey, no sage for the stuffing and certainly no parsnips, carrots or Brussel sprouts.

“We’re doing everything we can to restore millions of honeybees back into the British environment and ensure that we continue to enjoy all the foods we’ve become accustomed to, not only at this time but all year round. We know that this is a concern for millions of people and we’re urging them to give just a little bit of their time and money to support our Kickstarter campaign.”

The campaign has a dual purpose. Not only will supporters help to protect honeybees, but they will also support a great new British beer and mead. The growing craft beer movement is now worth more than £225million annually to the UK economy and Beehive Brae is finding its own, independent niche within that. The Great Taste award-winning Elderflower and Rose mead also helps to support honeybee populations. Popularity of the honey wine has increased markedly over the last few years through shows like Game of Thrones.

Beehive Brae Chair, Mark McDavid who is a veteran of the fast moving consumer goods market and has led companies the likes of Hallmark Cards and Aunt Bessies, added:

“Beehive Brae is truly a pint with purpose. I was delighted to join this ambitious sustainability company earlier this year, and to give them some of my 30 years’ experience. This is about not only supporting bees, but small British businesses, British beer and British workers. The team have a real social conscious, as well as a great tasting honey beer. Beehive Brae’s smooth taste is matched only by its refreshing environmental credentials and I would encourage anyone who thinks similarly to back them.”

If you like your beer fresh, like your beer British, like your beer with strong notes of independence, but most importantly if you like your beer with a full-bodied flavour of doing what is right for the planet, then please donate what you can and join #GenerationBee:


Building buzz around small business


Great British Beer 3Plan Bee is helping to build the buzz around Small Business Saturday (5th December 2015).

The annual event, which takes place on the first Saturday in December, encourages UK shoppers to think about their small, local companies rather than looking to huge supermarkets and the usual High Street retailers.

“Small businesses account for a huge £1.8 TRILLION share of the UK’s economy, but they also account for millions of UK jobs. Nearly 16 million people are employed by over five million small businesses across the country. These businesses are helping to increase and diversify the skills that we have here in Britain, and to raise the profile of the country internationally as a country to do business with.”

Last year more than £500million was spent on Small Business Saturday, as shoppers flooded out in support, with 64% of UK consumers aware of the now annual event.

National Campaign Director, Michelle Ovens added:

“The Small Business Saturday campaign plays a valuable role in focusing the minds of consumers and business people on what small businesses in any sector or line of business can offer in terms of range of products and services and levels of customer service. Most people in this country own a small business, work for a small business or know somebody who does, so supporting a small business on Small Business Saturday is personal and means you are supporting somebody you know.”

Plan Bee has become a leading light in the small business community in Scotland, as one of the fastest growing sustainability businesses in Britain. The company has scooped around 30 accolades in less than five years, working out at around one every eight weeks. The company has worked closely with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce to promote its sustainability brand and high quality honey products not only in Scotland, but across the UK and internationally.

Stuart Patrick, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce chief executive, said:

“Small businesses like Plan Bee are the bedrock of the community, and it should be remembered that every big company started off as a small one. It’s important that consumers support local enterprise, and Small Business Saturday highlights that well.”

Small businesses account for a huge £1.8 TRILLION share of the UK’s economy, but they also account for millions of UK jobs. Nearly 16 million people are employed by over five million small businesses across the country. These businesses are helping to increase and diversify the skills that we have here in Britain, and to raise the profile of the country internationally as a country to do business with.


Plan Bee Jamie Goes Viral

Admin, September 14, 2015

Jamie BuskingPlan Bee Warehouse Operative, Jamie Keenan is used to life in the local spotlight as a member of leading Wishaw band, The LaFontaines.

But even Jamie couldn’t predict the events of the last 24 hours following an impromptu busking session to promote the bands forthcoming gig at the Barrowlands.

Jamie is more used to sitting behind a drum kit, but popped up as frontman with his guitar and a mic to sing a version of ‘Granny Aff The Drugs’ at the Barras Market yesterday afternoon (2pm, Sun 13th Sept, 2015).

The video has since gone viral, with more than 600,000 views… and rising.

Interest has already been shown from a number of national newspapers and TV stations, but Jamie modestly admits he’s been a little surprised by all the attention:

“We only did the busking to help promote the bands autumn gigs. We’re playing the Barrowland on the 7th of November and we were hoping to promote that. The reaction has been amazing and I’m hoping that the video will attract a lot more people to our music. And, if they also want to buy some honey then even better.”

Creating a buzz on Aldi catwalk

Admin, September 5, 2015

Heather Honeycomb web 1Plan Bee Ltd’s premium honey brand has sashayed into the final of Aldi’s Next Top Product awards.

The Lanarkshire sustainability business has been asked to present their products Scottish Runny Heather Honey, Scottish Set Blossom Honey and Whisky Honey products to Aldi’s Scottish Buying team who will support the winner through the process of getting their product on the shelf.

Richard Holloway, Managing Director of Aldi in Scotland, said:

“Our business model in Scotland has always been about working with the best local producers to bring top quality products to our customers at everyday low prices. We want to help give a local business their big break by offering them access to our knowledge and expertise to help get their product off the ground.”

The event has been launched to coincide with the Year of Food and Drink Scotland 2015, celebrating the country’s outstanding natural larder and produce. The Scottish Government initiative is led by VisitScotland and supported by Scotland Food & Drink and Think Local. It is designed to capitalise on the momentum created by the previous Year of Food and Drink in 2010 and Homecoming Scotland.

Scotland Food & Drink Chief Executive James Withers commented:

“Aldi is placing a strong focus on sourcing locally and the resultant relationships with Scottish suppliers are great to see. This approach is invaluable for the continued growth of our sector. The Scottish food and drink industry has been enjoying sales growth year on year and there is good reason for us to be recognised as a Land of Food and Drink as we offer quality products with a strong identity. This hunt for the next best product will be good exposure to new or as yet undiscovered products in the market.”

Building on Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight, September’s Year of Food and Drink theme is Celebration with a focus on events and products that celebrate provenance and the produce on our doorstep.

Health & Safety boss embraces bees

Admin, September 4, 2015

Kellogg's HeatherBefore we begin beehive installations with our clients we like to carry out health and safety checks.

Health and Safety officers, particularly those working for large organisations are extremely cautious people by profession and often by nature.

That’s why when we received this lovely blog from Kellogg’s safety advisor Heather Gaskell, we thought it would be appropriate to share it:

I’ve been safety advisor at the Kellogg Manchester Plant for nearly 3 years.

So instinctively you would think I would have been slightly twitchy about the thought of bees on site. It would almost be so easy to say no, were not having them its not worth the risk!

Possibly a part of me did think that, however when the opportunity arose to go and look at them closely and inside the hives I jumped at the chance. Surprising as even the thought of a money spider within ten feet of me would usually be enough to make me sweat!

I’ve always been very passionate about gardening and flowers and bees being a big part of this means I’ve always had a vague interest in them. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I got geared up in the bee suit to go and look inside the hives.

It wasn’t what I thought anyway! The bees didn’t care about me being around. They just busily carried on doing what they do. The gentle hum of the bees was actually very calming and put me at ease.

I think my view now is that the fear of bees is fairly irrational. It surprised me how much I enjoyed the experience.

I would urge others to get involved in any way they can with bees, they are beautiful creatures that do nothing but good! I think businesses can be put off by the health and safety aspect of keeping bees but really there is not a lot to it! A simple risk assessment, PPE and basic training is all you need. Keeping them also has the added reward of a pot of honey. It’s a win win situation! I’m definitely a true bee convert!

Heather Gaskell

Globus first to see stars

Admin, August 24, 2015

GT 15 2-starThe snapping up of Plan Bee’s Origin Honey by exclusive Swiss department store Globus is the first large export of the prestigious brand since it lifted gold stars from the Guild of Fine Food.

Origin Honey gained two stars for its Heather Honey and an individual star for its Blossom Honey at the organisation’s Great Taste Awards, the eminent food industry Oscars. This was among a total of FOUR stars achieved by the company.

John Farrand, managing director and organiser of Great Taste said:

“Plan Bee has done exceptionally well in its first year of entering Great Taste. To receive three awards overall, one of which is a 2-star rating is testament to the quality of this honey. The judging process is rigorous, with a minimum of 10 palates, at least, tasting each product and Plan Bee should credit themselves among the UK’s elite food producers.”

Plan Bee works with the Glengoyne distillery to produce a whisky blended rich honey product, which was a key part of the Globus order. The robust tasting heather honey and runny Scottish blossom honey also comprised the remainder of this inaugural export for the retailer which is considered in the same vein as Harrods and Selfridges on the continent.

“Globus is among the most exclusive stores in Europe, and has a clientele of discerning shoppers who expect the highest quality produce in their shopping baskets. The Swiss are renowned as among the most health aware nations in the world and will be not only well versed on the unique taste of Scottish honey, but also on its many health benefits. We are delighted to be working with Globus, who have not only shown their need for the highest quality products on their shelves, but also the importance of offering customers ethical products with a strong sustainability ethos. We look forward to working with them further and offering more Origin Honey products for sale on their select shelves.”

Scotland Food & Drink welcomes export

Admin, August 21, 2015

Origin Web1Scotland’s leading food industry body is welcoming Plan Bee’s Swiss export success.

Plan Bee worked closely with Scotland Food & Drink to prepare their international offering, with the organisation providing invaluable advice and support. It is an important year for Scotland, with businesses across the country looking to gain a foothold in overseas markets
during this Year of Food and Drink.

James Withers, Chief Executive of Scotland Food & Drink added:

“Plan Bee’s Globus listing is great news. Scotland is rife with innovative companies like Plan Bee who are making great contribution to Scotland’s growing reputation as  a Land of Food and Drink.  Premium products produced to high standards with a great provenance story are central to the sector’s efforts and whilst our iconic products like Scottish salmon, Scotch whisky and Scotch beef are well known, we are blessed with an amazing diversity of products too. Honey is also now making its mark in international markets and as our industry continues its efforts to drive up export trade, it is great to see Plan Bee making its own significant contribution.”

The company’s sustainable honey products have already received acclaim from high-profile customers with the product used at the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles and by leading television chef Jamie Oliver. With the help of Scotland Food & Drink, Plan Bee is already looking at a number of other overseas markets in which to export its Origin Honey branded products and Beehive Brae Mead.

For further information please contact: buzz@planbeeltd.com


Swiss swoop sweet success 

Admin, August 19, 2015

Plan Bee Glengoyne Web2Exclusive Swiss department store Globus has swooped to snap up the first large overseas export of award-winning Origin Honey, Scotland’s leading sustainable honey brand.

Origin is produced from Plan Bee Ltd’s ethically managed beehives which support dwindling honeybee populations in Europe. The multi-award winning company
is a unique eco-innovator,
producing the highest quality
Scottish honey.

Nirmala Alterher, Globus’ Head of Corporate Communications said:

“Our customers expect unique brands of the finest quality, and that’s certainly what Origin Honey has to offer. The blend of Scottish heather honey and Glengoyne single malt whisky is certain to become a favourite with our clientele, and fully embodies our ‘savoir vivre’ ethos.”

For further information please contact: buzz@planbeeltd.com

Seeing stars after Great Taste success

Admin, August 12, 2015

GT 15 2-starLeading sustainability business, Plan Bee Ltd has just scooped a total of FOUR stars in the Guild of Fine Foods, Great Taste Awards.

The company’s Origin Honey brand lifted a prestigious two stars for its Heather Honey and an individual star for its Blossom Honey. The company’s Beehive Brae Elderflower and Rose Mead also bagged an individual star in the eminent food industry Oscars.

John Farrand, managing director and organiser of Great Taste said:

“Plan Bee has done exceptionally well in its first year of entering Great Taste. To receive three awards overall, one of which is a 2-star rating is testament to the quality of this honey. The judging process is rigorous, with a minimum of 10 palates, at least, tasting each product and Plan Bee should credit themselves among the UK’s elite food producers.”

The Great Taste awards are recognised as a stamp of excellence among both consumers and retailers alike. All products are judged by over 400 professionals, ranging from chefs, restaurateurs and producers to food critics and journalists in the world’s most coveted blind-tasted food awards.

More than 10,000 products were judged, with Plan Bee’s produce being among the leading entrants across the UK. Food buyers from leading stores Harrods and Selfridges were also joined by counterparts from Marks and Spencer and Waitrose on the judging panel.

Mark McDavid, Plan Bee’s Chair added:

“Our Origin Honey and Beehive Brae Meads are rubbing shoulders with among the finest foods in the UK. For two fledgling brands to be considered among such an exceptional field of products at this stage in their development is truly outstanding. Plan Bee offers one of the most exciting brand ranges I’ve ever seen in over 30 years in the industry. It’s sustainability and traceability are also unrivalled. We are delighted to be recognised by such an esteemed industry body and look forward to entering more of our products in future.”

Airports and Roads a Hive of Activity

Admin, July 24, 2015

worldBritain’s roads, rails and airways are set to be a hive of activity this weekend as airports and operators prepare for the busiest weekend of the year. An estimated two million travellers are expected to head abroad as the UK holiday season hits top gear.Heathrow alone is expecting half-a-million people to pass through its gates, while 310,000 will leave from Stansted, 342,000 from Manchester and 100,000 in Scotland. There’s also expected to be delays on our roads as millions decide on a ‘stay-cation’ or as we say at our Motherwell HQ,

The more ethically minded traveller may be thinking about their air miles, or the CO2 equivalent as they sit in traffic jams. We’re always thinking about air miles here at Plan Bee, not the weighty kerosene ones, but the miles flown by our bees, which is the equivalent of flying around the world just to make one jar of honey. And as for jams, well that’s not really what we do.

For those feeling even slightly guilty, and looking to offset their carbon use from that package holiday flight to sunnier climes then Plan Bee may well have a solution. By adopting a bee you could be helping to offset tonnes of carbon, as our little pollinators jump from tree to tree and plant to plant ensuring new life can thrive. It is widely accepted that young trees absorb more carbon from the atmosphere and that CO2 intake increases among seed and fruit producing plants after pollination. And, that plants also consume more CO2 when they are producing nectar. With bees covering a potential area of 28-square-miles then that’s a potentially large carbon offset.

For companies also looking to make an impact on their carbon offset there’s also the opportunity to adopt a hive from Plan Bee. We already meet the sustainability needs of many household names, supporting their environmental programmes. With each business taking a minimum of 120,000 bees that racks up to a huge carbon offset for just a small investment.

Many organisations will look to offset their carbon use after the event, such as a large constructions but by adopting our beehives your business is taking a proactive stance, meeting the needs of the environment before any impact has been made. Plan Bee can even offer school talks and community engagement. Hives can be decorated by primary school and nursery children, or they can carry corporate branding.

So as you prepare to jet off to the sun this weekend, spare a thought for our busy bees, and think about offsetting that holiday flight by adopting a bee.

Beefing Up Butcher’s Sustainable Credentials

Admin, June 26, 2015

Jamie Chapman web 1Award winning Wishaw butchers James Chapman are hoping to put the bee in beef and the honey in honey roast ham, by adopting four beehives from Plan Bee Ltd.

While modern retailers are only now jumping on the traceability bandwagon, it has been a central focus of Chapmans for more than
120 years.

Director, Jamie Chapman says that is what attracted the company to working with Plan Bee:

“While it wasn’t called sustainability back in 1893 when we first started, being able to trace our products from farm to table has always been our fundamental philosophy. Working with local companies, employing local people and sourcing local produce is central to that.

“Collaborating with Plan Bee, based just a mile down the road, allows us to take our environmental credentials to the next level. With four hives located next to the shop, we will be able to sell more than a hundred jars of the highest quality Wishaw honey directly to our customers. And, the only air miles are those put in by our bees.”

Jamie Chapman web 2

Plan Bee works with some of the largest food producers in the country, from Highland Spring to Kelloggs and Glengoyne Distillery to meet their sustainability needs and help them to manufacture their own high quality honey for use in their produce, to sell directly to customers, present to clients or sell in gift shops.

The sustainability business located on the border between Wishaw and Motherwell, leases and manages around 200 hives for clients from Aberdeenshire to Cornwall. Hives are located in idyllic country gardens, iconic Scottish Glens and on busy city centre rooftops. Plan Bee has lifted numerous awards in the last few years, making it one of the most successful start-up businesses in Scotland.

“James Chapman Butchers has been about sustainability, traceability and above all else quality for over 120 years. If we can help to take them forward by adding our own brand of proactive, sustainable thinking then we’re delighted. Quality and locality of produce are what Plan Bee is all about and that’s why working with Jamie and his team to enhance their offering is the perfect marriage. To continually meet the needs of a community for more than a century and to deliver a quality product through such a changing historical climate is something most businesses would hope for, and Chapman’s has managed that while continuing to deliver local produce to the highest quality.”

Scottish Mead Maker cracks great Prosecco shortage

Admin, June 19, 2015


Scottish meadery Beehive Brae is bubbling with excitement having cracked the great Prosecco shortage.

Reports of the sparkling wine’s demise have been widespread this week with heavy rains across the traditional Italian vineyards producing the worst grape harvest for 50 years. Combined with increased popularity, particularly here in the UK, stocks of the popular fizz are dwindling fast.

That’s where Beehive Brae believe their high quality, ‘Celtic Prosecco’ can bridge the gap and find a new market for the traditional brew:

“Mead is fast growing in popularity thanks to programmes such as Game of Thrones, Vikings and Outlander. Fans are flocking to grab part of the experience of these shows, while lovers of high quality produce are also keen to pick up a bottle of this high-end ‘Celtic Prosecco’. Leading chefs have already recommended our carbonated mead as an ideal aperitif, capable of whetting the appetite for most occasions. As well as being good for the palate, our mead is also good for the soul, with our bottles and labels all made to the highest recycling standards.”

Many large stores are already reporting panic buying of the sparkling wine ahead of the release of the Prosecco brokers stock release in August. Regardless of that outcome, prices are expected to increase.

For those more ethical consumers there is also the thought of air miles, and when we don’t just mean the environmental impact of importing produce from overseas. Supporting mead as a product also supports bee colonies, which have been threatened by pesticides and factors of global warming in recent decades. Beehive Brae is also supporting the development of such colonies across the UK.

Based in Scotland, Beehive Brae’s worker bees have a readily available source of heather to help produce the essential ingredient of our mead – our high quality Scottish honey.

“Prosecco’s popularity has grown dramatically in recent years and we’re confident that our high quality sparkling Scottish mead can also find a welcoming and loyal following. While our climate may not allow for grapes of the quality of those in Northern Italy, it’s ideal for heather, an essential component of our honey which is among the highest quality you will find anywhere in the world. More adventurous and ethical consumers are sampling our mead and voting with their palates. This ‘Celtic Prosecco’ is here to stay, and we’re putting the fizz back into the summer.”

Sundial becomes leading light in sustainability


Sundial Hives
The prestigious Sundial Group is buzzing with excitement at the moment as it earns its sustainability stripes with the installation of nine bespoke beehives.

The group has been working with leading sustainability business Plan Bee Ltd to install the hives at its three locations; Highgate House in Northamptonshire, Woodside in Warwickshire and Barnett Hill in Surrey. Each venue is independently recognised for delivering excellent hotel and conference facilities and outstanding customer service.

Plan Bee has helped businesses from a variety of sectors to make their organisations as environmentally friendly as possible. The hives allow businesses to display a clear commitment to sustainability and their local community, and provide a unique brand of “Return on Involvement” with increased customers and customer loyalty as a result of the positive exposure. Sundial Group is in good company alongside Plan Bee’s other clients which include Highland Spring, Glengoyne Distillery, Balfour Beatty and BAM Nuttall.

As well as supporting dwindling honeybee populations, the hives each produce 24 jars of high quality honey, marketed with the group’s own branding for sale or to be given to valued customers. Each hive is also individually branded to the company’s own design.

Tim Chudley, Sundial Group’s Managing Director, said:

“The hospitality sector is an extremely competitive one, with customers seeking excellence in both service and products. Customers now expect providers to be both ethical and sustainable.  Supporting the declining bee population is our way of putting something into the environment, and making use of our extensive grounds. An added bonus for our customers is that they will benefit from enjoying the highest quality honey, all produced at Sundial.

Beehive Brae makes crowdfunding challenge


Beehive Brae MeadBeehive Brae, the Lanarkshire mead and honey beer producer has smashed its crowdfunding target.

It’s the second such alternative funding success for the Plan Bee Ltd stable having secured 175% overfunding with its Crowdcube project in June last year.

The funding will allow the business to start creating its own onsite brewery at its Motherwell headquarters, meeting the growing demand for honey beer and mead, one of the world’s oldest fermented

“This is a great achievement for Beehive Brae and all the team at Plan Bee. It’s a second crowdfunding success for our business. We can now start putting together a meadery and brewery on our own premises, having also been awarded a licence by North Lanarkshire Council, who have been a great supporter of all that we are trying to achieve in bolstering dwindling honeybee numbers. Crowdfunding is an alternative funding mechanism that we have found extremely successful, being an ethical company it’s a route we prefer rather than loans from big banks.”

The vital funding can now be put towards the development of fermenting tanks, bottling equipment and other related facilities. Mead has made a resurgence in recent years, not only among those seeking an alternative to beer and wine, but also among twenty and thirty something hipsters looking beyond the craft beer phenomenon. The real surge has come from fans of fantasy dramas such as Game of Thrones with the American Mead Makers Association directly attributing a massive rise (42%) in production to the spectacular series.

Our year in review

Admin, December 19, 2014

We’re looking back at what has been an incredible and defining year for Plan Bee Ltd. From January’s appearance at the Scottish Supplier Show which took us to September’s Ryder Cup, to starting our ground-breaking investment campaign in April then working tirelessly until we made history with it in July. We have compiled a video of some of these special moments.

We’d like to give our thanks and appreciation to enthusiasm, positivity, effort, time and ability of all those who helped us in 2014 and our gratitude to all our customers, clients and investors – whom without their belief and vision to be part of the movement, we could not achieve what we have.

Thank you

Former MD of Tennents Caledonian Appointed Chairman

Admin, December 15, 2014

Plan Bee Ltd Announcement

Plan Bee Ltd are proud to announce that Mr Michael Lees (pictured) will be taking over as the company chairman, replacing Mr Jim Hall of Kelvin Capital who is standing down.

Mike Lees - Plan Bee LtdMr Lees has an illustrious background in brewery management, rising from operational roles with Bass Brewers to become Managing Director of Tennent Caledonian Breweries UK. During his tenure, Mr Lees oversaw ten years of continual growth for the company to lead brand share in the market.

Mr Lees is providing consultancy and support to a number of small businesses through the Scottish Chamber of Commerce. It was through this role that he was introduced to Plan Bee Ltd and regards his work with them as “an exciting opportunity encompassing the challenge of creating a strategy to get across the ethical message of the plight of bees, whilst also building the Plan Bee brand and operations.”

Plan Bee Ltd believes that Mr Lees vast experience of successfully running large operations will move the business forward, helping to open international markets and provide unrivalled expertise in the development and marketing of the companies honey based craft beer and meads. “Without Jim’s enthusiasm and commitment to Plan Bee Ltd, we would not be where we are today, he was instrumental in achieving the first SEIS funding round”. Jim Hall will continue his work with Plan Bee Ltd as Investment Director of the brand.

Black and Yellow Friday!

Admin, December 11, 2014

Last Black Friday was more like a Black & Blue Friday with some poor bargain hunters still having the bruises to prove it! But there will be no such hectic and crazy scenes here at the Plan Bee Ltd Hive-Q when we offer our version – Black and Yellow Friday on December the 12th.

Black & Yellow Friday - Plan Bee Ltd

There will be no jostling, pushing or downright rudeness as you click onto www.planbeeltd.com/shop and simply enter the code blackandyellow to receive a 15% discount* off anything and everything at our online store. The offer is for one day only, so make sure you take advantage and fill your hives with our award winning natural Scottish honeys, fudge and candles whilst making a good saving on our hampers and gift boxes for friends and family just in time for Christmas. No unseasonable squabbling to get a bargain here, just goodwill to all mankind!

*Offer starts on the 12th of December 2014 at 00.01am GMT and ends at 11.59pm GMT. Discount doesn’t apply on delivery prices.

The Market: An Experience for Customers & Vital for Local Producers

Admin, December 10, 2014

Our recent participation for the St Andrews Day festival at London’s Borough Market was a great experience on a number of levels. Not only did we engage with many people from different parts of the world who were interested in our products and the environmental importance of bees, we saw the same involvement between customers and small, local producers happening right across the market.

The Market - Borough Market - Plan Bee Ltd

A visit to a market like this isn’t just about filling a shopping bag; it’s becomes an experience as customer’s interact with producers – trying samples they have displayed and asking questions about their provenance and process. But it’s not just a one way exchange – the producer is getting first hand market research into what customers want (and perhaps what they don’t) – valuable in honing and perfecting their product or how they sell it. It’s also of key importance to local producers who aren’t yet visible in high street delis or discerning stores that customers buy and spread the word about their products.

The Market - Borough Market - Plan Bee Ltd

It was heartening to see many of our fellow Scottish producers at the Pride of Scotland Food & Drink Weekend at Borough Market, get the same positive response and involvement from their customers. This is vital to local producers for their continued commitment to producing a great quality product and maintaining ethically sound principles while doing so. So, our thanks and appreciation goes to Think Local and SAC Food & Drink Consulting in making the Borough Market trip possible and to all the customers at markets past and future supporting local producers.

St Ambrose, patron saint of beekeepers

Admin, December 7, 2014

The Advent ofSt Ambrose - Beekeeping - Plan Bee Ltd the feast of St. Ambrose occurs today. St. Ambrose is of particular significance to Plan Bee as he is the patron saint of bees, beekeepers and even candle makers! In his iconography, he is often depicted with bees or a beehive – symbols that also indicate wisdom.

He would lend his name to the Latin term for honey ‘ambrosia’ also used in Greek and Roman mythology to describe the food of the gods. St Ambrose is still referenced today by modern beekeepers, using the term ambrosia to describe the mixture of nectar and pollen prepared by worker bees to feed bee larvae.

Legend has it that when Ambrose was an infant, a swarm of bees settled in his mouth, said to be a sign he would become a great orator. His preaching was reported to ‘sound as sweet as flowing honey’ which earned him the alternative moniker of the ‘Honey-Tongued Doctor’

Introducing our new Online Shop…

Admin, December 3, 2014

If you haven’t already had a peek, our new online shop has opened, where you will find our award winning Scottish honey, fantastic fudge and our range of pure beeswax candles. And as it’s coming up to Christmas, the elves at Plan Bee have been hand-packing these natural and sustainable products into an attractive selection of gift boxes and hampers, complete with wrapping and dainty wee tartan bows, so you don’t have to tie yourself in knots to make things look pretty!

Christmas Wicker Box - Plan Bee Ltd

It may also be that you need some honey to glaze the Christmas ham or want to harness the health giving and restorative qualities of honey to add to lemon (and possibly a wee dram) as a seasonal cure for the cold. Our candles also make an atmospheric and sweet smelling addition to the home or dinner table during the festive season and come small enough for a stocking filler.

As an introductory offer, we would like to give customers a 10% discount of all orders up until the 17th of December, so they can make some bee-savvy savings on treats for yourself or on thoughtful, eco-aware gifts for family and friends. Simply go to and www.planbeeltd.com/shop type in the discount code ‘environment’ to fill up your hives (not your trolleys!) and we will be sending our naturally good products out to you soon.

Heather Honey Fudget and Scottish Heather Honey - Plan Bee Ltd

Highland Titles and Bee Keeping Boys and Girls

Admin, November 28, 2014

We previously told you about our partnership with land management and conservation company – Highland Titles, when we published this article back in August. They have a unique approach to land and nature conservation in the Scottish Highlands by offering areas of land to members of the public who are passionate about preserving the beautiful scenery and biodiversity of the Scottish highlands and becoming a lord, laird or a lady while doing so.

The hives we placed in Glencoe wood, courtesy of Highland Titles are strictly to boost bee populations and contribute to the biodiversity of the area around them – we don’t take any honey from these hives to use in our products. Highland Titles also welcome children from schools in local areas to be part of a sustainable project; the children take a hands-on role by painting these hives around a number of themes, such as the children of Kinlochleven Primary School seen here in this recent article:

Kinlochleven Schools a Hive of Activity - Highland Titles - Plan Bee Ltd

The painted hives could be there on the same spot for decades, allowing these children to return to them over the years and possibly bringing their own children to see them and to learn like they did – true sustainability and involvement with the land and these amazing creatures.

Children from Ballachulish Primary School also sent us their lovely drawings and letters of thanks after Plan Bee visited there to tell children about the importance of honey bees to our food and their critical role in the eco-system.

Highland Titles - Plan Bee Ltd

Can you hear the buzz from the Great British Entrepreneur Awards?

Admin, October 8, 2014

Plan Bee has made it through to the final short-list in the Eco Entrepreneur of the Year and Rural Entrepreneur of the Year Categories in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards, taking place on 19 November at Old Billingsgate in Central London, have become the recognised standard of excellence amongst entrepreneurs.

Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2014 - Plan Bee LtdSimon Burton, founder of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, said: “The entries we have received for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards can only be described as awe inspiring. The quality has been outstanding. The judges have had the extremely difficult task of whittling the great and good of the entrepreneurial community down to the very best and we are delighted by the companies that have made the short-list. The Awards Ceremony itself in November will be a night to remember, with VIPs from the worlds of business and entrepreneurship gathering to celebrate entrepreneurial spirit in the UK.”

And the North Lanarkshire School’s Legacy Project is a go!

Admin, October 2, 2014

This morning we went to Kilsyth Academy to introduce the school project and talk about sustainability and the essential role of insect pollinators.

The pupils, will decorate an empty bee hive it according to different themes (Bannockburn 100, World War One, Scottish book or author, and one of the Commonwealth countries) will also write and produce a bee related song as well as create a yearlong photographic journal of the experiences. The project that runs throughout the academic year will give a huge opportunity to the pupils to get closer to understanding nature!

This project that is fully supported by North Lanarkshire Council through the Education Department will run in 6 schools for the first year , one of which is a primary school and will see more schools involved in the following years.

We’d like to thank the 200 pupils who attended our presentation this morning as well as the teachers at Kilsyth Academy for their help and enthusiasm for the project!

We look forward to sharing their progress with you…… next week we visit Braidhurst and Coltness Secondary schools.

NCS Group Ltd have strengthened its contribution to the environment!

Admin, September 25, 2014

NCS Group Ltd are the latest company to create a buzz by installing their very own bee hives and colonies through the efforts of Plan Bee.

Perhaps through their line of work the office solutions company feel an affinity with these organised and efficient creatures or maybe they simply wanted to do their bit for the environment but either way, their Rodney Street offices and garden of Managing Director Tom Nolan’s home, are now a hive of activity.

NCS Group Ltd - Bee Hives - Plan Bee Ltd

Founded in Glasgow in 1988 the company now have a total of 7 branches spanning across the UK and Northern Ireland. As well as striving for commercial success they are committed to being an active and supportive member of the community and work hard to ensure that their investments have a sustainable benefit; working with Plan Bee was a perfect fit with their environmental ethos.

Speaking about the newly introduced hives Tom said “We’re always looking for new ways to improve our sustainability and strengthen our contribution to the environment so having recently read an article about Plan Bee Ltd and the ramifications of what they, the bees do for our environment, I felt NCS could contribute and help them along”.

NCS Group Ltd - Bee Hives - Plan Bee Ltd

“We are always delighted when any company decides to come on board with Plan Bee but when corporations like NCS take their environmental impact so seriously it really gives us a buzz. To know that many others are as committed as we are and to have them want to improve their sustainability through our services really gives our company message credence

“Working with NCS and the MD Tom Nolan has been a pleasure and we are really looking forward to watching their hives thrive.”

Plan Bee has teamed together with Stalled Spaces

Admin, September 24, 2014

Plan Bee has teamed together with the award winning Stalled Spaces in its attempt to help regenerate Glasgow.

By hosting two bee hives on the roof of Glasgow City Chambers, together we hope to make a positive impact on Glasgow’s biodiversity whilst helping ailing bee populations in Scotland.

The danger bees are in is widely publicised and despite the vital role they play in our eco-system there is a distinct lack of government initiatives to help combat the problem.

That’s why, when Glasgow City Council based initiative Stalled Spaces contacted us, we were thrilled to help.

The Stalled Spaces scheme provides funding and ideas for local people to turn unproductive land into a community asset, such as a play areas, green gyms or pop up parks.

As well as creating new greenscape in the city, Stalled Spaces also wanted to help the existing environment thrive with the help of some Plan Bee hives.

Plan Bee has teamed together with Stalled Spaces - Plan Bee Ltd

Discussing how the staff have been getting involved with their new team-mates, Frazer MacLeod, Project Lead said “The feedback I’ve had from the GCC beekeeping volunteers has been positive, they have all learned a lot.

“Plan Bee were professional and very knowledgeable on everything about bees.”

The Stalled Spaces bees will work hard to pollinate Glasgow’s trees, plants and flowers, contributing to the cities biodiversity, carbon intake and general buzz.

Plan Bee has teamed together with Stalled Spaces - Plan Bee Ltd 2

Winner of the BBC Good Food Show Producer Awards

Admin, September 23, 2014

We are ‘beeyond’ happy to announce that we are a winner of the BBC Good Food Show Producer Awards!

Winner of the BBC Good Food Show Producer Awards - Plan Bee Ltd

Selected by the panel of Good Food Show judges, we were described as an “outstanding producer” of Scottish food and drink and have been invited along as an exhibitor to the BBC Good Food Show in Glasgow next month!

With winners held as exemplary artisans the bursary looks to award small companies like Plan Bee for their passion and dedication by giving them the opportunity to grow their business by reaching more consumers, trade buyers and industry professionals at one of the BBC Good Food Shows nationwide.

Winner of the BBC Good Food Show Producer Awards - Plan Bee Ltd 2

We are incredibly excited to be one of the winning exhibitors at the Glasgow event and are looking forward to a fantastic weekend full of tasting, sampling, shopping and networking with acclaimed Scottish food heroes.

Plan Bee will also be joined by a host of celebrity chefs including TV stars Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, James Martin and Scottish superstar chef Tom Kitchin, at the SECC from the 17th till the 19th of October.

We would absolutely love to see some of our incredible supporters there and hope that you will be able to make it along to this tasty event.

Plan Bee honey is par for the course – Ryder Cup


Plan Bee is thrilled to announce that we are an official honey supplier for the Ryder Cup!

Plan Bee honey is par for the course - Ryder Cup 2014 - Plan Bee Ltd

For the first time since 1973, and for the second in the history of the prestigious golfing tournament, Scotland will proudly play host to the Ryder Cup at the magnificent Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire.

Ryder Cup Gleneagles 2014 - Plan Bee Ltd

The Cup joins the incredible list of Scottish events that have taken place this year and what better way to welcome its guests than with some bespoke Scottish honey!

Our blossom and heather honey is a firm favourite with our clients and we are certain that they will satisfy the taste buds of the golfers and spectators alike in the Jamie Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts tent.

If you are lucky enough to be attending this exciting event, why not pop by and say hello and have a chat about his ‘driving ambition’ for bee hives on golf courses or learn about how a bee hive could benefit your local golf course? He truly is an Ironman.

Sorry, please don’t let the golfing puns drive a wedge between us!

Heralding the rise of two new queens in Windsor!

Admin, September 22, 2014

This month we went to the Macdonald Windsor Hotel to deliver two brand new bee hives to the hotels roof in the prestigious buildings attempt to become more environmentally friendly whilst helping decreasing bee populations in the UK.

Beverley Molmans the hotel’s General Manager was on hand, bee suit and all, to welcome the bees who include not one but two, brand new Queens.

“Our decision process behind getting the hives was that we wish to be greener, we are trying to implement the Room 15 approach here at Macdonald Windsor and we want to be more sustainable and wish to protect the bees in an urban environment.”

The hotels Room 15 sustainability program aims to have a more sustainable and ethical approach to the hospitality industry by 2015 and their new bee hives are just one of the many methods to be implemented.

The hives will be accompanied by bee keeping lessons and ongoing support allowing the hotels staff to become involved with the everyday life of the bees, creating a tangible point of ethical interest on site. The hotel also hopes that the roof top haven will provide an area for staff to unwind from their days work whilst helping the bees along with their own daily tasks.

The new Queen Bees, who share the same postcode as Queen Elizabeth will also work hard to produce honey which the hotel will then gift to its VIP guests and clients, showcasing their commitment to their local environment in an unusual yet delicious way.

Discussing the process Beverley laughed that the hardest part was “getting into my bee suit today” and that the hotel was extremely excited about its new “BIP” guests and can’t wait to see the new hives thrive.

Beverley Molmans from Windsor Macdonald hotel - Plan Bee Ltd

Honey make powerful antibiotic!

Admin, September 19, 2014

Next time you’re feeling a bit ill, you may want to turn to your local bee hive before reaching for the medicine cabinet.

At least that’s the sweet solution put forth by researchers at Sweden’s Lund University, who found that the special bacteria in honeybee stomachs may prove to be a valuable alternative to antibiotics.

Honey make powerful antibiotic - Plan Bee Ltd 1

The group, who based their research on the incredible results of honey being used as a poultice for injured horses, determined that the lactic acids found in honey straight from the bees stomachs, produce powerfully active antimicrobial compounds that can fight some of the most prevalent strains of human bacteria.

Don’t go reaching for your average store bought honey just yet, the scientists emphasised that these lactic-acid bacteria aren’t found in store-bought honey because of the processing that goes into making it.

Honey make powerful antibiotic - Plan Bee Ltd 2

Now, don’t panic just yet but far from trekking into the woods to find a swarm of honey bees, raw honey can be found relatively easily. There are a whole range of artisan producers – Plan Bee included- who produce a range of unpasteurised, unfiltered honey to suit your every well-being need.

As well as defeating everyday common infections and complaints these recent findings have huge potential in worldwide humanitarian efforts as well, Tobias Olofsson, of the Medical Microbiology Department of Lund University says that the findings could have huge benefits to developing countries that don’t have access to antibiotics and that if results are as effective in human testing, bees worldwide will well and truly be put to work.

Honey make powerful antibiotic - Plan Bee Ltd 3

New Scottish queen at Buchanan & St Ambrose High School

Admin, September 18, 2014

When two colonies of honey bees descended on Buchanan and St Ambrose High School, the teacher’s first reaction was not one of concern for the pupils but of excitement….

The bees, living in hives supplied by Lanarkshire based bio-diversity champions Plan Bee, are part of the Green Legacy Schools project to teach pupils about the importance of the environment and get involved in the various ways to improve Scotland’s biodiversity.

New Scottish Queens at Buchanan and St Ambrose High School - Plan Bee Ltd 2

Back in May, Plan Bee arrived with the hives -happily sponsored by construction giants Balfour Beatty who built the school- and along with the pupils and teachers enjoyed a thoroughly rewarding first season at the school.

‘I love watching the baby bees coming out of the cells. It’s awesome!’ – Mhairi McKinnon
‘It’s good to see how the number of bees in the hive grows each time we look in’ – Connaire McClinden
‘I like smoking the bees.It calms them down so we can have a close look.’ – Alex Oldham.

The pupils have been incredibly enthusiastic in learning about the bees and bee keeping and Plan Bee were thoroughly impressed with their lack of fear.

The pupils have been engaging in lessons about the various stages of bee-keeping and will be involved in a competition with other North Lanarkshire Schools to come up with their own bee related song or poem as well as using their entrepreneurial skills in harvesting and marketing their very own honey by early next year.

New Scottish Queens at Buchanan and St Ambrose High School - Plan Bee Ltd 3

The involved teachers have also been wonderfully supportive, Christine King and Elizabeth Denton happily admitted that they were often-times more keen to get into their bee-keeper outfits than the pupils!

This season also saw a new Scottish queen, ‘Queen Christina’ rather fittingly introduced to the hive, giving the pupils the unique chance to see such an event but Elizabeth wasn’t too left out, after all we already have one Queen Elizabeth!

The new additions have certainly created quite the buzz on campus and Buchanan and St Ambrose as well as the other five North Lanarkshire Schools about to embark on the project, are very much looking forward to seeing their hives thrive.

New Scottish Queens at Buchanan and St Ambrose High School - Plan Bee Ltd

Plan Bee at Eat Drink Discover Scotland

Admin, September 5, 2014

Plan Bee is going to Eat Drink Discover Scotland!

Hailed as the ultimate celebration of Scottish food and drink, from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th September, we will be one of hundreds of food and drink companies drawn from every region of Scotland – giving you the chance to taste all of Scotland, in one day, under one roof.

TEat Drink Discover Scotland 2014 - Plan Bee Ltdaking place at The Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh, Eat Drink Discover Scotland offers something for every palate, preference and price range, and, in addition to eyeing, trying and buying Scotland’s rich and diverse larder, you’ll see celebrity chefs running master classes and demonstrations throughout the weekend. There will be a variety of fantastic educational activities for children, and a host of skills demo’s and talks by Scottish food experts.

Plan Bee will be located in the Eat Lanarkshire section of the event along with seven other wonderful food and drink companies from the Lanarkshire area.

As well as Plan Bee badges, balloons and bee face painting we will also, of course, be selling our delicious honey as well as our brand new honey beer and mead for you to take home!

Honey Beer & Mead - Plan Bee Ltd

We are offering a special discount code for our friends that will get money of your entry prices and we would be thrilled if you could make it along to see us at this exciting event and cement Scotland’s reputation as a true Land of Food and Drink!

Opening times:
Fri ………12pm – 8pm
Sat……….10am – 6pm
Sun……..10am – 5pm

For more information please contact Lauren.
Use discount code EXHIB10

For a discount on our products, use secret word “Scoobidoo” at our stand!

Green People are Green Champions!

Admin, September 1, 2014

Green People, the most famous UK organic beauty brand, is a company that values and supports the planet as well as local communities. As a company who’s principles mean that product performance is never sacrificed for profit, it is important that their green credentials match up to their ethical practices.

For a number of years, the company and its staff have supported Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice through different donation campaigns. Chestnut Tree House is the only children’s hospice in East and West Sussex and cares for over 280 children and young adults with progressive life-limiting conditions in Sussex and South East Hampshire.

Green People - Decorated Beehive - Plan Bee Ltd

In September 2013, the Green People team donated clothes, books, games and toys to the association ‘Bag it and Give’ initiative in order to raise money for the hospice. This time, Green People wanted to create a project which would involve the children, providing them with a sense of achievement and act a source of distraction from their everyday problems, while also improving their own green credentials.

Green People - Decorated Beehive and Honeybees at work sign - Plan Bee LtdSince getting in touch with Plan Bee, the hospice has been provided with an empty beehive for the children to decorate using their imagination. The hive is now returned to Plan Bee and sited at one of their many locations within Scotland and fully managed by the company’s expert beekeepers.

“It’s fantastic to be involved in a project with these two organisations who are both, in their own way, doing so much to improve the well-being of their local communities and the environment. I’m very confident that the bees will thrive in their new home, the decoration and design is so vibrant and colourful, how could they not love it?”

A motivational speaker for the bees!

Admin, August 29, 2014

Monday evening we attended the home of motivational speaker Chris Moon to deliver one bespoke Plan Bee hive.

Chris is, put simply, an incredible human being, after losing his lower right arm and leg in a landmine explosion he has used his skills as a previous army officer and humanitarian to motivate and inspire those around him.

With a ‘passion for the process of achievement’ as he puts it, everything Chris does challenges the concept of limitation and through this partnership we certainly are one step closer to achieving our goal of helping bees overcome the challenges they face in the modern world.

Chris’ beehive will have an incredible impact to their surrounding environment and Scotland’s biodiversity within days as well as working hard to produce honey completely unique to the area they forage in.

Motivational Speaker Chris Moon - Beehive - Plan Bee Ltd

Glencoe Wood now has beehives!

Admin, August 26, 2014

Over the weekend we delivered some brand new bee hives to the Highland Titles Nature Reserve in Glencoe Wood and wow what a treat!

The ten bee colonies will have plenty of foraging ground and a wide variety of different flowers and heather to snack on. We are incredibly excited to share their progress with three of the reserves neighbouring schools to help the pupils understand the importance of the honey bee within our environment.

Highland Titles - Bee Hives - Plan Bee Ltd

Not only were Stewart and the rest of the staff incredibly enthusiastic about their new additions but the scenery was absolutely breath taking, made all the better by the lovely, albeit rare Scottish sunshine.

We are honoured to partner up with the reserve through this project, working incredibly hard to protect Scottish wildlife- which you can watch via the reserves infra-red motion sensitive cameras- Glencoe Wood makes an incredible contribution to Scotland’s biodiversity.

Highland Titles is a novel way of managing a conservation project, originally conceived by Dr Peter and Laura Bevis, a biologist and accountant, who realised that to really make a difference, they needed to buy land which had the potential to be restored and conserved.

Highland Titles - Bee Hives - Plan Bee Ltd

The organisation has grown from there and now has thousands of supporters turned land owners around the world. Highland Titles are completely committed to Scottish conservation and in this respect they are not alone, here at Plan Bee we love when any company wants to make a positive contribution to the environment but when we work with companies who are committed to Scotland’s biodiversity as Highland Titles it is always a pleasure.

We cannot wait to see the hives thrive and pay another visit to this wonderful Scottish setting!

Honey Bees landing at Hamburg Airport

Admin, August 21, 2014

Hamburg Airport now has even more air traffic, in the form of its very own resident honey bees!

The hives, managed on behalf of aviation giant Airbus, produce honey which is then used to measure emission levels around the airport grounds. The collected honey provides information regarding any chemical or metal deposits in the area allowing the airport to constantly monitor its environmental impact. The honey is then taken home by Airbus employees and clients to enjoy!

Airport - Carbon Footprint - Plan Bee Ltd

Honey bees and other pollinators are one of the most important species within our eco-system, in addition to influencing over a third of our food produce they are also absolutely crucial for the survival of most of our animal and plant populations.

While all insect pollinators are incredibly industrious, perhaps the humble bee is the hardest worker of all. In addition to pollinating hundreds of thousands of flowers in a lifetime and contributing to the beauty of our countryside and urban jungles alike, they also work exceedingly hard to produce delicious honey.

By introducing bee hives, airports can now easily monitor their emissions and overall carbon footprint, allowing them to assess their environmental impact whilst making a positive contribution to their surrounding biodiversity.

Aiport - Honey Bees - Plan Bee Ltd

Whilst it may be surprising to some, modern airports thoroughly understand the importance of ethically managing their environmental and social impact and by housing bee hives on site the airports in question are going one step further in showing their customers how much they care, whilst creating a wonderful opportunity for customer and community interaction.

Some organisations have even implemented the use of small cameras within the bee hives, allowing customers and staff alike to watch with growing interest the bees organised comings and goings, creating a unique point of interest and calm in an otherwise stressful environment.

As the Hamburg hives have shown, the collected honey proves an incredible source of natural data regarding the airports carbon emissions and air pollution allowing them to adjust their actions accordingly and ultimately help improve their surrounding environment and biodiversity in a natural sustainable way.

Such a commitment to the environment is something that we here at Plan Bee would certainly love to see from our own airports here in the UK and we would be delighted to provide our services to help them increase their own sustainability whilst making a positive impact to the environment.

Source: Airbus

Two Fat Ladies Goes Green!

Admin, August 16, 2014

Two Fat Ladies has received a nomination in the Glasgow Business Awards 2014 for the ‘Green Champion’ category for their various efforts in becoming a more sustainable business, including their two bee hives on site managed by the Plan Bee Company.

Two Fat Ladies Restaurant Goes Green - Plan Bee LtdSince adopting two beehives from Plan Bee in 2013, Two Fat Ladies Group have been able to align their corporate social sustainability with their brand values in order to validate efforts in sustainability that are core to the company. They have also been able to make a natural positive impact on their surrounding community, making them stand out against competitors and offer customers something unique in their dining experience. Being visionaries that see the strong potential in the concept of managed beehives, the Two Fat Ladies realise the importance of bees in our planetary food system and are actively helping to regenerate their populations through supporting Plan Bee and their efforts.

Two Fat Ladies Beehives - Plan Bee Ltd

In the future, the Two Fat Ladies Group will keep supporting the regeneration of honeybees in the UK by continuing their relationship with Plan Bee Ltd. They will also encourage further engagement with their local community by getting a nearby primary school to be involved in designing a label for the next yield of honey to be taken from the hives.

Buzz-iness Awards!

Admin, August 15, 2014

Buzz-iness Awards! Plan Bee Ltd have been nominated for the prestigious ‘Excellence in Communications’ and ‘Best Performing Business (1-10 people)’ categories in the Glasgow Business Awards 2014 at the Hilton Glasgow Hotel in October.

Glasgow Business Awards 2014 - Plan Bee Ltd

“We can’t believe how well our business has been received by our peers. The Plan Bee message of proactive sustainability is really striking a chord with companies across the spectrum from our large, established clients like Highland Spring to our ambassadors of finest quality Scottish produce such as leading Glasgow restaurant Two Fat Ladies.”

It’s been a busy year for the Plan Bee team. Since scoring 175% over-funding with a highly successful crowdfunding campaign the award nominations have kept on coming. As well as Glasgow Business Awards recognition, Plan Bee’s efforts are also being recognised by the Inspiring City Awards – People Make Glasgow, where they are a finalist in the Environmental Category, and in the VIBES Awards where again they are nominated in two categories, for ‘Micro-business Award’ and ‘Environmental Product or Service Award’.

Plan Bee has already scooped the ‘Social Enterprise’ award at the Private Business Awards Scotland and will feature at the National Awards; and there was the Business Green Leaders Awards where they collected the gong for ‘Small Business of the Year’.

Plan Bee Ltd Awards 2014

SETN featuring Plan Bee Ltd

Admin, August 13, 2014

A huge thank you to SETN (Scottish Environmental Technology Network) for featuring us in their company magazine this month.

Discussing our already impressive array of awards they showcased our most recent accolade, ‘Small Business of the Year’ which we were awarded at the Business Green Leaders Awards in London earlier this month.

SETN - Plan Bee Ltd

The Business Green Leaders Awards celebrates the top innovators in the eco-industry and we were honoured to have our efforts in improving the UK’s biodiversity recognised, winning awards like this one is incredibly important to the team here at Plan Bee and as SETN suggested we may even have to buy a bigger awards cabinet soon…..

Stay Tuned!

What comes to mind when you think of your local golf course?

Admin, August 12, 2014

Do you picture a tranquil landscape of sporting promise? Or a green desert, providing nothing but dead wasteland requiring masses of chemical interference to maintain its manicured façade?

Here at Plan Bee we see golf courses as so much more. Already providing acres of greenery, with just a few minor changes, golf courses across the UK could become a safe haven for our many forms of plant and wild life.

Golf Course - Beehives - Plan Bee Ltd

By introducing native flowers and plants in out of play areas, golf courses can provide a ready-made habitat for bees, other pollinators and many other forms of wildlife.

With bees being one of the most important creatures in our eco-system, not introducing a hive to your golf course at this point would be a wasted opportunity and your golf course could reap the benefit of its new hive within days.

With the new ‘eco-machine’ in place it is absolutely crucial not to ruin all of the new resident bees’ hard work by continuing the use of pesticides and herbicides, which reduce both the diversity of the foraging available, as well as the wildlife.

Golf Course - Honeybee Pollinating - Plan Bee Ltd

As well as helping to enhance Scotland’s biodiversity and improving their own sustainability, UK golf courses open up many exciting business opportunities through the introduction of hives.

Inviting local schools or organisations along to monitor the hives’ progress can showcase golf clubs as active community members while of course opening up the possibility of golf memberships to a much wider audience.

While improving their social responsibility, the hives will also produce honey, which can be used either in food preparation at the club or sold to members and staff to take home!

Hives offer many benefits to the landscape that they live in as well as many low cost business revenue opportunities to get golf courses buzzing!

Bee themed family fun day at Amazonia

Admin, August 11, 2014

Plan Bee went to Amazonia (M&D’S Theme Park) last Sunday to participate in a bee themed family fun day!

With plenty of bee themed activities on offer, including face painting, balloon modelling, flower planting and honey tasting we felt right at home.

Bee themed family fun day at Amazonia - Plan Bee Ltd

As well as showing off the brand new bee hive at Amazonia, Plan Bee discussed the importance of pollinators with the kids, probably convincing more than a few to be future bee-keepers!

We really enjoyed speaking to everyone about all that bees do for us in our environment and would like to thank the very friendly staff at Amazonia, you made our day!

Bee themed family fun day at Amazonia - Plan Bee Ltd 2

Short-listed at the VIBES Awards 2014!

Admin, August 6, 2014

We are very proud to announce that Plan Bee Ltd have been short-listed in two categories at the VIBES Awards 2014 (Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland)! The VIBES Awards are held each year to recognise and showcase best environmental practices.

2014 VIBES Awards - Plan Bee Ltd

The two categories are Environmental Product or Service Award which rewards businesses that have developed or are developing a technology, product or service that brings environmental and business benefits and Micro Business Award.

The VIBES Award Ceremony will be taking place on the 27th of November in the Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow.

Let the bees get to work at Amazonia!

Admin, August 5, 2014

Last April, the Plan Bee team went to Amazonia, Scotland’s Largest Indoor Tropical Forest, to give lessons about bee-keeping and the importance of honey-bees and other pollinators within our eco-system.

As well as this unique learning experience, the kids had the amazing opportunity to paint the beehive that Amazonia was going to place in the park!

With the decoration of the beehive complete, the team at Amazonia had to get to work in creating the perfect place for the bees to feel right at home.

The Plan Bee team returned to the theme park last weekend to populate the hive and were very impressed with the effort Amazonia has made in creating such an amazing space for the bees.

Beehive at Amazonia Theme Park - M&Ds - Plan Bee Ltd

With planted wild flowers around the beehive and educational signs the new hive will help adults and kids alike understand just how much bees do for us and how they make honey.

All that’s left now is to buzz off and let the bees get to work!

Beehive at Amazonia Theme Parl - M&Ds - Plan Bee Ltd 1

One country, one beehive (Uganda)

Admin, July 30, 2014

As you have probably noticed, the Commonwealth Games are happening in Glasgow just now and the city is buzzing! Here at Plan Bee Ltd, we have been recognised for its contributing to the local community in the host city through our School Legacy Project.

We recently introduced our Commonwealth beehive designed by Lourdes Secondary School but we also wanted to show you some pictures of beehives and bee-keeping in various Commonwealth Countries.

Today, we would like to present bee-keeping in Uganda! Beehives like this are traditionally constructed from timber, bamboo or woven from forest climbers and honey is usually harvested twice a year between March – June and the secondary season in August – October.

Beehive in Uganda - Adam Cohn - Plan Bee Ltd

Bee-keepers produce honey and other bee products such as a brew named “Enturire” (second picture) which is very popular. The straw supposedly helped prevent ingestion of the bees and according to Adam Cohn (www.adamcohn.com), who kindly gave the pictures, the brew was actually pretty tasty!

Honey Brew made by beekeepers in Uganda - Adam Cohn - Plan Bee Ltd

Kiki’s last day at Plan Bee

Admin, July 29, 2014

Today is the last day of Kiki’s internship at Plan Bee. Here’s what she had to say about her time with the company:

“I am really proud of the research on Chinese social media and e-commerce, and the work on digital marketing in both the UK and China I’ve done for the company.”

iki with honeycomb frame - Plan Bee Ltd

Before my internship started I wasn’t so sure if I would be ok with honey bees, I had never really been around bees before I started my job. Now I feel I am closer to nature and more eco-friendly. Plus, bees are not scary!”

We really enjoyed her enthusiasm, positivity and input to the team and we wish her all the very best for the future.


3 Missions

Admin, July 11, 2014

Plan Bee have been short-listed for the Nectar Small Business Awards in the “Contribution to the Community” category! Watch this video (3 missions) to see our contributions to the planet and the community, as well as our help to organisations who want to make positive natural impacts in their local environment.

Please vote for Plan Bee at http://on.fb.me/1vRBgHk

Voting closes on 27th July so don’t delay! #NBsba14

Plan Bee Scoop “Small Business of the Year” Award at BusinessGreen Leaders Awards

Admin, July 7, 2014

Lanarkshire based eco-innovation business Plan Bee was named Small Business of the Year at the Business Green Leaders Awards in London on Wednesday evening.

Plan Bee Ltd Scoop "Small Business of the Year" Award at BusinessGreen Leaders Awards

Now in their fourth year, the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards are the UK’s most prestigious awards for the growing green economy and celebrate the leading businesses, executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and campaigners from across the green economy. The awards cover every aspect of the green economy from transport to energy and from small businesses to multinationals, providing organisations of all sizes with the opportunity to highlight how they are contributing to the new green economy.

“We are delighted to have won this prestigious award in what was a very tough category with some of the best small businesses from around the UK. It has been a rollercoaster journey from the beginning but it’s great to have national recognition of our achievements”.

Fresh from being named the UK green economy’s Small Business of the Year, the groundbreaking eco-innovation business which offers managed bee-hive services, has created a buzz by pulling off one of Scotland’s most successful crowdfunding campaigns as part of a second funding round which also attracted backing from the public and private sectors.

Advised by law firm Harper Macleod, the start-up raised £105,500 from 177 investors on the Crowdcube platform, almost 176% of its target of £60,000.

Added to further investment of £35,000 from Glasgow-based business syndicate Kelvin Capital – matched by the Scottish Investment Bank (SIB), the investment arm of Scottish Enterprise – it takes Plan Bee’s funding past £300,000 in total since last year.

This is the first time in Scotland that a business has utilised funding from crowd investors, angel syndicate and public sector investment making this a unique deal within itself.

Plan Bee has Amazonia Easter Kids Buzzing

Admin, April 25, 2014

Last Easter weekend, we treated youngsters to lessons in bee-keeping and helped them decorate a hive at Amazonia, Scotland’s Largest Indoor Tropical Forest.

Children painting the hive - Plan Bee Ltd - Amazonia

“It was great to see so many kids turn out with their mums and dads to help us paint the bee hives. Visitors are used to more exotic creatures at the M&Ds attraction, but they learned the importance of these little insects that are a little bit closer to home. Everyone was really enthusiastic about the hive and how they could play their part in decorating it. Everyone is used to painting Easter Eggs but to paint a beehive was something out of the ordinary.

“Events such as this weekend’s Amazonia hive painting are great fun, but they are also important for getting the sustainability message out there and for helping people to understand the importance of bees within our ecosystems; and the issues facing this vital insect that supports the pollination of a third of our food sources.”

Children in the bee suites - Plan Bee Ltd - Amazonia