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Down Under Dame joins Bee Boys

Admin, June 6, 2016

Maddy 1
The Plan Bee team are being joined by a new Queen Bee to help in the efforts to support dwindling honeybee populations across the UK.

Strathclyde University Masters student Madeline Briscoe is taking up the role of Business Management Intern for the summer, working across the team to develop a Marketing Events portfolio.

Plan Bee CEO, Warren Bader said:

“We’ve been looking for an intern for quite some time, but it was important that we got just the right kind of person. Our offering is unique, and often difficult for people to grasp but Madeline is extremely enthusiastic and keen to get started and develop the role. This is an important position, working across the company and with some of the biggest businesses in the UK. We’re confident Madeline will help us to generate the Plan Bee buzz.”