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Food of Love February: Honey Pairings with Aphrodisiac Foods

Buzz, February 17, 2015

honey_figsAfter looking at many articles and the evidence for foods with a romping reputation, we came to the conclusion that honey was a true aphrodisiac in this previous article, but then, we might be a little bias! That aside, what we meant by ‘true’ is what’s actually contained in the food – enzymes, proteins, minerals and phyto-chemicals that have a proven effect on our bodies, not just the way it looks. Honey is an ingredient quite often used for cooking and preparing food, so we thought – why not double the fun by pairing it with other aphrodisiac foods…


Obvious shape aside, bananas are full to the hilt with potassium, magnesium and B Vitamins and enzymes said to enhance male libido. Add a drizzle of honey’s hormone boosting boron and natural nitric oxide said to enhance arousal and your banana split starts to get a little sexier rather than just being simply indulgent…

Year od Scotland Food & Drink LogoFigs

If bananas are phallic, then the erotic appearance of an open fig is something of the opposite. Figs have been associated with love, sexuality and fertility in many cultures long before their leaves were referred to in the Bible as Adam & Eve’s only garments (a strange paradox – their many seeds represent fertility and the leaves modesty) But they are more than just a symbol of sensuality – they are ripe with potassium, fibre, flavonoids and antioxidants that help promote sexual well being and energy. In many countries where figs are found they are paired with honey in many permutations – roasted, baked, caramelised, served with toasted almonds, vanilla cream, spiced with ginger and cinnamon. Delicious and libido level uppers no matter what way these two are prepared.


Making for quite the fruity threesome when added to figs and honey, ginger root has been regarded as an aphrodisiac for centuries not only because its positive effects on the circulatory system (gets the blood pumping..) and metabolism but also for its aroma, which is said to aid arousal. Honey and ginger are often paired in Middle Eastern and Asian cooking and make a fantastic marinade for chicken and vegetables.

Sexy Scottish Breakfast

We don’t have to get so far flung however, to find such amorous dishes – and we’re not talking bacon, sausage egg and a tattie scone either. Because guess what? it might not look that sexy, but porridge oats have been shown to be one of the best foods to increase testosterone levels in the blood, and really, is there anything better to go onto our morning bowl of porridge than…honey – back to bed anyone?