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Food of Love February: Intimate Candlelight?

Buzz, February 19, 2015

candles beeswax romantic

We last wrote about candles and their association with the festive season here and of course, they are also synonymous with birthday celebrations. But candles also have a long association with romance – they can instantly transform an environment and create an intimate mood and atmosphere through their soft glow and warm, calming scent.

Cosy & Intimate

Imagine taking your partner out for a romantic dinner and finding your table lit by harsh strip lighting – it just isn’t conducive to a cosy, intimate atmosphere that flickering candles at the table, augmented by some soft lighting, can create. And while it might seem clichéd, a candle lit dinner at home is probably something that doesn’t happen often, so, you could make a real occasion out of it for your partner by lighting tapered dinner candles on a candelabra to go with a suitably loving menu to match. You may even go one further and run them a bath, thick with bubbles and surrounded by lit candles – possibly for the both of you if there’s room in there.

Year od Scotland Food & Drink LogoThe Pollution of Paraffin

But really, imagine those candles sputtering, giving off sooty, greasy marks and a smell more akin to a petrol station than a natural therapies shop – kind of spoils the scene. That’s why when looking to create a romantic and intimate mood, paraffin candles should really be avoided. Not only are they guilty of the above, but these oil-based, highly refined petroleum by-products from a non-sustainable source contain up to 11 toxic compounds, carcinogens and chemicals such as toluene, alkenes and benzene that pollute your home, cause allergies and environmental damage – hardly a loving gesture!

The Beauty of Beeswax

 Instead, imagine a candle that emits the same naturally bright light as the spectrum of the sun, burns slowly and evenly with no dirty black discharge and comes from a renewable and natural source – beeswax. 100% beeswax candles are environmentally friendly and carbon neutral, undergoing no chemical processing. Not only do they not contain any toxins – they are the only candle that emit negative ions that help purify air quality while invigorating the body, all the while giving off a naturally formed scent of honey and floral quality of honeycomb. Did we also mention that honey was an aphrodisiac?! If you’re going to set the scene for a romantic night ahead, you’re better to love the planet as well as your partner, and that’s not cheating! xxx